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October 9th featured the latest news and our two most popular interviews of all time!

It's hard to believe that RDR has produced 60 shows already. In that time we've had interviews with skaters, local politicians, refs, the MRDA President...the list is long.

So, we decided to see which podcasts were the most downloaded and bring you replays of the feature interview from both. You will hear Buster Cheatin' talk candidly about coaching. THIS IS A MUST LISTEN INTERVIEW, as it's no coincidence Gotham is the sport's most successful league. He and Bob talk about the very first inter-league bout Gotham played against Madison's Mad Rollin' Dolls, which was his debut coaching and Bob's first interleague bout. That defeat and then the second ensuing defeat, again from MRD, at WFTDA's very first tournament and National Championship - The Dust Devil in 2006 - sparked a drive that's been nearly unstoppable since.

You'll also here from Kristen Adolfi, better known as Krissy Krash. Krash, part of the Whip It cast, is a banked and flat track skater as well as a nutritionist and founder of Derbalife. She talks to us about everything from derby, to diet, to Hollywood.LISTEN TO THE FULL SHOW!

London Calling on the September 25th show!


Join us this Wednesday as the London Brawling's very own Rogue Runner calls the show live to talk about their trip through their recent WFTDA Playoff Tournament, marching into the National Championship Tournament in Milwaukee. But it doesn't stop there! Rogue is also part of the cast that is involved with the reality TV show being filmed using the London Rollergirls.

WHAT MANY MAY NOT REALIZE IS THAT THE U.S. HAD THE SAME EXPERIENCE! The cable network A&E ran one season of a show simply named "Rollergirls" in 2006. Bob will provide some history on this show, including excerpts from an interview with Smarty Pants, who was with Texas Roller Derby (Austin's banked league) at the time it was filmed. This show, though cancelled after the first season, fueled the growth of leagues and curious fans more than any other event in the history of derby's new era. Bob's opinion is that it had much more impact on the sport than Drew Barrymore's Whip It. Check out the video Media kit made available for the serious to get an idea of what it was about! Prior to talking to Rogue, Bob and Smarty Pants will discuss just how important the US version was in growing the sport to what it is today.There's little question that derby would have either not grown as strong or done it more slowly without this series. It remains one of the most historic events in the sport. Afterward, we'll get Rogue's experiences with their show!

Here's a clip from one of the episodes!


Block Around the Clock - Furr Rocious recapped the experience with us on Sept. 11th.


While WFTDA was amid their playoffs on September 7th and 8th, history was also being made in Amsterdam. The 24 hr scrimmage, Block Around the Clock, had begun at noon on the 7th, running until noon on the 8th. The charity fought against everything derby stands for, as donations helped women in Amsterdam who are victims of sex trafficking. Imagine having NO power over your own being as so many skate to feel the empowerment that derby brings them. Furr Rocious, who was no doubt tired, took the time to give Bob another interview to recap the event. Listen in to hear how women from San Diego, to Amsterdam, to Prague, and everywhere in between marathon scrimmaged to help women locally who didn't even have control of their own bodies. You can see what's been archived of the event here!


team USARoller Derby Radio is pleased to announce the second interview with Buster Cheatin'! His original interview last year, see Episode 24, on coaching the multiple-time WFTDA Champs remains our most played podcast!

This year, Bob will talk to Buster about Team USA and the tryout process, the turnout, and the lessons learned from assembling the team that won the first World Cup in 2011. With Blood & Thunder's recent announcement that the 2nd World Cup will be played in Dallas December 2014, the clock is already ticking fast for the man who may very well have both the WFTDA and World Cup Championships to play for next year. Two of the three tryouts are done, and if you want to see the one in Seattle, just hit Brown Paper Tickets! $10 is all it costs to watch them at work!


bob_jerry.jpgIf you missed the first interview with Jerry on the last show, fear not! The first interview, which focused solely on the history of derby as it pertained to his family and his personal experience with the sport, is now available on the Podcast of the show. Jerry had so much fascinating information that we will cut the portions of both interviews that didn't make the show so you can hear all of what he has to say. The new podcast also features New Wheeled Order's DarthSebious, who calls in and talks live with the crew about tryouts for Team England's men's team.

On our last show, episode 57, we talk about Jerry's thoughts on the sport's future. Any controversy over Jerry's outspokenness in the past has generally been about what he sees as CONSTRUCTIVE CHANGES AND IDEAS. Bob, as a self-admitted former skeptic of "The Commissioner," has come to realize that Jerry has nothing but respect for the work that's been done and the accomplishments and dedication of its athletes. Any constructive criticism from Jerry has been about how the sport is perceived by the fan (yes, this includes rules), in particular, and the missed opportunities in promoting themselves.Roller derby is DIY, but that doesn't mean that the product put on the floor, sound business plans, and taking advantage of marketing opportunities missed aren't a key to the advance of the sport. Don't hate, just skate, as the man wants everyone to feel rewarded by the sport.



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