Free Bob T-shirt



Sure, you may have friends who pretend to have the "official" FREE BOB t-shirt, probably making it at home from some sort of illegal kit, but the truth is they don't! How can you tell? It's easy, the person on the front needs to look like Bob! And whomever came up with the "funny" knock-off, the FREE BOOB t-shirt...the Cease and Desist Order is on its way from our law firm Dewey, Screwem, and Howe. Though, the FREE BOOB shirt is pulling record Web sales, it's still not right!

Enjoy 5.3oz of 100% cotton bliss, by Gildan, uniquely fashioned into the shape of a t-shirt. And, at no extra cost, the image of Bob's face along with the words "Free Bob" will be emblazon on the front. For an extra fee, we'll remove Bob's face and just send you a red t-shirt.


Well, it's not black! I hate to ask you to buy anything, nor would I if it wasn't for the amazing response to the design from Francesca Fiuré, who skates with Royal City in Guelph. Francesca had the image created and circulating around FaceBook after hearing of my trouble, days before I ever saw it. And a handful tees have already been produced and sold at Flat Track Fever (event #2 of 3 I've missed) in Calgary. All taken care of by 8Mean Wheeler and Mack the Mouth, terrific friends from Terminal City.


-reimbursement of time and money spent in the RDAC's effort to overturn my ban.

-to support broadcast of country's national playoff tournaments by Canuck Derby TV.


Simply use the drop down menu to choose size. If you are ordering more than one shirt and they are different sizes - full range of men's and women's sizes - add them to the cart one at a time.

The only t-shirt sold to free Bob from Canadian exile! Price: $16.00 Size:

NOTE: Expect 3 to 4 weeks delivery. I'm making these myself, around my May schedule, which is hammered with travel.

SECOND NOTE: Should you get a screen saying the shipping weight exceeds 13oz (may happen ordering multiple shirts, men's especially) simply order them separately. Sorry, that kinda sucks, yet is WAY less expensive to ship than any other method. Having sold and shipped a full assortment of shirts in the past, First Class really is the best service for the money.